How you will get your steel house

1. Designing

Designing of modular home, steel house, prefab homes

You can draw your own plan and you can send us.

You can choose one of our standard plans and you can make changings on the steel home plans.

2. Technical specifications and choosing the materials

Technical specifications of prefab steel houses. Materials of moduler steel homes.

The technical specifications of the steel houses can be changed depending on the customer needs and geographic / climate conditions.

You can also choose the matereials, colours, interior and exterior finishings for the steel house.

3. Pricing and project budgeting

The price of prefab steel house. Economic house and low cost homes.

We prepare our offer and give you the budget of the prefab steel house.

The price includes all materials, shipping prices. If you request, we will give you supervising service or installation prices.

4. Ordering and signing the contract

Order a modular economic home.

After we set everything, you give us your order and sign the contract for your steel home.

5. Manufacturing and shipping

Manufacturing steel house, prefab home.

We manufacture your steel house and supply all materials and finishings. We pack all materials for shipping. We control all materials and packs before shipping and then we will ship your prefab steel home.

6. Construction / Erection

Building economic steel house.

You or your contractor can build your steel house easily. We send you all doscuments, drawings and erection manuel.

If you want, we can send you a superviser or a team to build your modular house.