Technical details of houses


The structure of the house is made of galvanized steel. They are combined with bolts and nuts.

All structure is made of galvanized steel. They are combined with bolts and nuts.


The wall panels of the house are manufactured in our factory.

The wall panels are manufactured in our facility and they are ready to erect.


The roof of the steel houses are ready to erect.

The roof trusses are ready to erect.

The roof trusses are made of galvanized steel.


There are many  door options for prefab steel home.

The exterior dorrs can be galvanized steel, decorative steel, aluminium or pvc.

The interior doors can be  American panel, MDF laminated, aluminium or pvc.



The windows are white PVC framed and double glazed.

The windows can be coloured and wood patterned.

The windows can be aluminium framed.

Mosquito screens are optional.


The steel house has benn insulated well for hot and cold wethers.

EPS or minerol wool (rockwool) is being used for the walls.

Mineral wool( rockwool) is being used between roof and ceiling.


The paints are included in our prefab steel house packages.

Silicon paint is used for exterior side of the walls.

Plastic paint is used for interior side of the walls.

There are many colour options to choose.

Floor tiles /coverings

The floor tiles for the prefabricated homes are included and there are many options.

The floor coverings can be laminated flooring, ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles.

The customers can choose the type of floor tiles and colours.

The adhesives and joint fillers are included.


Kitchen of the steel home.

Kitchen cabinets, bench, tap, sink are included. There are many type and colour options to choose.

Bathroom / Toilet

There are options for bathroom for prefabricated home.

Toilet, washing basin with cupbord, shower, shower cabin, taps are included.

Electrical installation

The steel houses have all electrical installations.

It can be surface mounted or flush mounted.

Cables, sockets, switches, fuses, fuse box, circuit breaker, lighting fixtures are included.

Telephone line, fire detection, security cameras, alarm sytem are optional

Sanitary installation

All clean and waste pipes and fittings are included for the quick build home.

Sanitary installation canbe surface mounted or flush mounted. All clean and waste water pipes and fittings are included.